Primary Areas of Research Interest

  • Microscopic imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Cell biology
  • Human physiology and diseases
  • Technology and engineering
  • Computational analysis
  • Theory and simulation

Faculty and Specific Research Topics

  • Stephen Boppart: Transient scattering contrast for imaging dynamic cellular changes
  • Andrew Smith: Imaging single receptors in cancer cells with quantum dots
  • Brad Sutton: Examining neural states with functional magnetic resonance imaging
  • Princess Imoukhuede: Measuring angiogenic biomarkers via quantitative fluorescence
  • Gabriel Popescu: Label-free tomography and dynamics of live cells
  • Martha Gillette: Probing the dynamics of neuron-muscle interactions via SLIM imaging
  • Michael Insana: Pre-clinical ultrasound imaging and image processing
  • Iwona Jasiuk: Multi-scale imaging of cortical bone
  • Wawosz Dobrucki: Quantitative targeted imaging with dual-modality PET-optical molecular nanoprobes
  • Rohit Bhargava: Label-free spectroscopic imaging of cancer tissue

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